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Letter to a Young Engineer

January 30, 2020 How time flies! It seems like I just graduated from my undergrad, yet here I am being asked to give advice to versions of my younger self! And yet when I look back on all that I have accomplished in the past 25 years, I can see […]

Following your Intuition

16 October 2019 Appeared Twelve years ago, I was told that studying climate change was a ‘nothing’ topic. Yet, as I worked for a regulator, I was shocked at the degree of disagreement amongst professional engineers and geoscientists – who share the same institutionalized education, experience requirements, employers, industries, […]

Consider This: The Diversity Challenge

May 1, 2018 If Canada is to excel in the global knowledge-based economy, we have to call up all of our strengths to build and maintain a strong, entrepreneurial science culture that maximizes all of our human resources. — Arthur J. Carty, Canada’s Former National Science Advisor The value […]


Dr. Lianne Lefsrud, Ph.D, P.Eng.

Engineering Safety and Risk Management, Faculty of Engineering
12-287 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering 9211 116 Street, Edmonton, T6G 1H9

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Student visa restrictions will directly hurt the US economy & long-term innovation. This study shows immigrants on study visas publish at between 2x-4x the rate of others. They also patent more, have more patents that are commercialized, and are more likely to launch startups.

Taking an intersectional feminist approach to current crises can help us build back better, stronger, resilient and equal societies. Here's how.