Hadis Ebrahimi was born in Tehran, Iran. She was studying Chemical Engineering at Isfahan University of Technology, and in 2014, she began her Master in Chemical Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology.
After B.Sc., she was offered the scholarship for talented elite students in order to study the M.Sc., and she decided to continue her education at Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran polytechnic) which is one of the top three technical universities in Iran.

During her M.Sc. studies, she tried to take fundamental courses which were also relevant to hot ongoing research topics of her field. Besides passing a variety of courses with great marks, she was admitted to work on MCM-41 nano-catalyst under the supervision of Professor Halladj. The aim of this research group is to enhance the characteristics of the catalysts used in methanol-to-olefin (MTO) reaction by different methods to increase the catalyst life time and selectivity towards light olefins which are employed in a wide range of applications and she, as a member of this group, chose the topic of ” Methanol to Olefins over nano Al-MCM-41 catalyst; catalyst preparation and performance evaluation”as my master’s thesis to work on and she defended it with full mark.

Being a member of this group did not only fulfill her ambitions as a researcher, but also became a turning point in her student life. Firstly, I learned to have courage to express her ideas, to try for corroborating them, and when she believes in their correctness, to fight for them. Likewise, she learned how to listen to others and help each other to reach the pinnacle of success. Furthermore, becoming capable of confronting challenges in the world of science and research, turning to a problem-solver and on top of that, staying patient in each step, were her most important achievements.

To clearly express her goals, she ideates that the time has come for her to narrow her research activity by starting the journey of Ph.D. studies. she was applying to University of Alberta in order to fulfill her dream of pursuing excellence in research, as well as to pursue a career in Academia after graduation . It is her deep belief that imagination can become reality if we challenge ourselves enough to make it happen. According to her experience in Catalysis area, earning some skills which seem useful such as ability to work on a team and standard writing and also her motivation and excitement for learning new things, she is confident to meet high standards of Alberta University and be successful there.

She is a highly self-motivated individual, with excellent time-management skills that enable her to balance her strong academic performance with a range of extra-curricular activities.

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Dr. Lianne Lefsrud, Ph.D, P.Eng.

Engineering Safety and Risk Management, Faculty of Engineering
12-287 Donadeo Innovation Centre for Engineering 9211 116 Street, Edmonton, T6G 1H9

Phone: 780.492.8351 (office) | 780.951.3455 (mobile)
lefsrud@ualberta.ca  |  LinkedIn |  Twitter


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