• NSERC Alliance Grant, Enhancing safety management systems practices on construction projects: A proactive data-driven approach for project safety planning and control, 2021-2025, $749,000. PIs: Yasser Mohamed & Lianne Lefsrud.
  • AI4Society and Energy System Seed Grant, Pulse Check for Canada’s Energy Conversations Collaboratory, $10,000. PI: Lianne Lefsrud, Joel Gehman, Eleni Stroulia, Denilson Barbosa, Jean-Christophe Boucher, Jennifer Winter.


  • One of four professors in the Faculty of Engineering mentioned as doing an exceptional job with remote delivery, from a survey of graduate students.
  • Recipient of 2020 Canadian Dam Association Published Paper Award of Excellence (one of two granted) for Boswell, J., Rentz, A., Cavanagh, P., Staples, L., & Lefsrud, L.M. 2019. Preliminary Work by the Dam Integrity Advisory Committee Towards Thinking Clearly and Communicating Effectively About Risk. Proceedings of the Canadian Dam Association.
  • NSERC Alliance Grant, Towards Future Interconnected Electric System, 2020-2025, $4,230,090. PIs: Petr Musilek, Lori Thorlakson, Greg Kish, Qing Zhao, John Salmon, Ali Khajehoddin, Yunwei (Ryan) Li, Hamidreza Zareipour, Andy Knight, Omid Ardakanian, Wilsun Xu, Hao Liang, Lianne Lefsrud, Marek Reformat, Yindi Jing, Tim Weis.
  • SSHRC Partnership Development Grant and Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, 2020-2023, $652,000, Advancing Impact Assessment for Canada’s Socio-Ecological Systems, PIs: Debra Davidson, Ian Stewart, Amber Fletcher, Gerald Singh, Lianne Lefsrud, Kevin Jones, Brenda Parlee, Kelly Bronson, Gwendolyn Blue.
  • Most cited paper for 2015-2019 in Canadian Public Administration for Gehman, Lefsrud & Fast (2017) Social License to Operate: Legitimacy by Another Name?
  • Enablon, Applying AI / Machine learning to data cleaning, categorization, prediction, and system integration, datasharing agreement. PI: Lianne Lefsrud.
  • Canadian Energy and Climate Nexus & Mitacs, A Toolkit for Analyzing Online Conversations for Solutions Based Policy Development, $95,000. PIs: Lianne Lefsrud, Eleni Stroulia, Denilson Barbosa & Joel Gehman.
  • Natural Resources Canada, Office of Energy Research and Developing ERD, Performance study of the Oil and Gas Clean Tech Program to enhance corporate reporting and accountability requirements, $40,000. PI: Lianne Lefsrud.
  • University representative, Inclusive and Intersectional Research and Analysis in engineering and computer science, $1000 grant to attend workshop hosted by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), February 6-7, Washington DC.


  • KIAS Grant, Information Design to Save Lives Co Design for Complex Health Communication (Naloxone Kit Information Re-Design), $7500. PIs: Gillian Harvey (Art and Design), Lianne Lefsrud, Susann Sommerfeldt (Nursing), Mary Forhan (Rehab/OT), Elaine Hyshka (School of Public Health), Aiden Rowe (Art and Design).
  • Transport Canada research grant, Risk Tolerance Strategy for Rail Transport of Dangerous Goods, $150,000. PIs: Renato Macciotta & Lianne Lefsrud.
  • APEGA Summit Award winner, Women in Engineering and Geoscience Champion Award, for co-chairing Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering Science, Trades and Technology (CCWESTT) 2018, Biennial Conference.
  • KIAS Cluster Grant, New Approaches to Communities, Communication and Consultation through the Lens of Geothermal Energy Development on the Traditional Lands of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, $35,000. PIs: Lianne Lefsrud & Andie Palmer.
  • Blended Learning Grant from Faculty of Engineering for Centre for Teaching and Learning, $15,000


  • Alberta Innovates Research Grant, Geothermal Power from co-produced fluids and hydrocarbon reservoirs throughout the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, $950,000. PI: Jonathan Banks, Collaborator: Lianne Lefsrud.
  • APEGA Volunteer Appreciation Award for five years of dedicated service.
  • NSERC Connect Grant, Tailings Safety Symposium, $7500, PI: Lianne Lefsrud.
  • Best Article by the Canadian Association for the Study of Discourse and Writing (CASDW) published in 2017 for Dirty Oil or Ethical Oil? Visual Rhetoric in Legitimation Struggles
  • NSERC Discovery Grant, Developing Safety Management System Models, $142,500. PI: Lianne Lefsrud.
  • SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, Enhancing Regulatory Effectiveness and Corporate Performance, $135,708. PIs: Lianne Lefsrud, Heather Eckert and Joel Gehman. VP Research, University of Alberta and Faculty of Engineering $37,500.
  • University of Alberta Award for Outstanding Mentorship in Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities, Nominee.
  • Kule Institute of Advanced Studies (KIAS), cluster grant Advancing Environmental Impact Assessment for Canada’s Socio-Ecological Systems, $70,000. PIs: Debra Davidson & Ian Stewart. Collaborators: Brenda Parlee, Kevin Jones, Lianne Lefsrud.
  • Invited Speaker and Lecturer on Sustainability, Jerusalem School of Business Administration, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. $10,000. Asper Foundation.


  • MITACS, IBM Canada, Cerebri AI, Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), Multi-Perspective Text Analysis of Social Knowledge Networks. $195,119. PIs: Kelly Lyons, Eleni Stroulia, Lianne Lefsrud.
  • Alberta OHS Futures Research Funding Program, Improving OHS Performance with OHS and Environmental Creative Sentencing Spillovers. $37,700. PIs: Heather Eckert & Lianne Lefsrud.
  • Confederation of Alberta Faculty Associations (CAFA) Distinguished Academic Early Career Award, $2000.
  • Railway Association of Canada, Role of Safety Management Systems (SMS) in the railway industry and potential for enhancement of the Railway Safety Act (RSA), $16,800. PI: Lianne Lefsrud, co-PI : Renato Macciotta Pulisci.
  • Construction Owners Association of Alberta and Mitacs, Creating a Positive Safety Culture and Continuous Improvement in Alberta’s Construction Industry, research grant, $15,000. PI: Lianne Lefsrud.
  • Creative sentencing research grant, Protecting Worker Safety in Alberta by Enhancing Field Level Hazard Assessments and Training for Ground Hazards Associated with Tailings Facilities, Dams, and Systems, $285,000. PIs: Lianne Lefsrud & Michael Hendry.
  • Future Energy Systems, Co-investigator in Geothermal ($277,000) and Community and Aboriginal ($375,000) themes.
  • Undergraduate Research Initiative stipend: Workplace Culture: Diversity in Engineering. $5000.


  • Seeding Food Innovation 2016 program, Weston Foods, Social dimensions of climate change mitigation in Alberta agriculture, $140,801. PIs: Debra Davidson, Andreas Hamann & Lianne Lefsrud.
  • Genome Canada, Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition, Natural Resources and the Environment: Sector Challenges, Managing Microbial Corrosion in Canadian Offshore & Onshore Oil Production Operations, $7,850,739. PIs: Lisa Gieg, Faisal Khan, John Wolodko. Collaborator: Lianne Lefsrud ($140,000).
  • Data Grant, Alberta Workers Compensation Board, Assessing Partners’ OHS Tools for Improving Alberta Workplace Safety. PIs: Lianne Lefsrud & Joel Gehman.
  • Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Blended Learning Award – ENGG404: Engineering Safety and Risk Management – Leadership in Risk Management, $22,000. PIs: John Cocchio and Lianne Lefsrud.
  • Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) Summer Student Employment Award, $7,000, PIs: Lianne Lefsrud and John Cocchio.


  • Research Grant, Creating a Basis for Genuine Dialogue: Developing a Science-Based Understanding of Public/Industry Communication, Alberta Chamber of Resources, $35,000. PIs: Lianne Lefsrud and Chris Westbury.
  • NSERC Engage Grant, Using first- and second-order lexical co-occurrence to assess temporal changes in media valence and content, $25,000. PI: Chris Westbury, collaborator: Lianne Lefsrud.


  • Most read paper, Organization Studies (FT45 journal), every month February 2013 – present (except in February 2015, #2 to a paper on Game Theory by Greece’s finance minister)

2013 -2015

  • Dow Sustainability Research Fellowship and Erb Research Fellowship, $175,000
  • Best Paper Award, European Group of Organizational Studies, 2000 €
  • Best Practice Paper 2013, Academy of Management ONE Division & Network for Business Sustainability (NBS), finalist
  • TEDx speaker
  • SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, Engendering Engineering Success, $194,000, PI: Elizabeth Croft, co-PIs: Toni Schmader and Michelle Inness, collaborator: Lianne Lefsrud


  • Best International Paper, Organization and Management Theory (OMT) Division, Academy of Management, finalist
  • Dissertation Award, Kule Institute for Advanced Studies (KIAS), $7,000


  • Best Reviewer, Social Issues in Management (SIM) Division, Academy of Management


  • Izaak Walton Killam Scholarship, Killam Trust, National level scholarship, $54,000
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC) Doctoral Fellowship, $40,000
  • President’s Doctoral Prize of Distinction, University of Alberta, $20,000


  • Research Grant, Energy and Environment Solutions, Alberta Innovates, $46,000


  • Doctoral Exchange Program Fellowship, $25,000
  • Persons Case Scholarship, Province of Alberta, $5,000


  • Engineers Canada TD Insurance Meloche Monnex National Scholarship, $7,500
  • Dr. Alice E. Wilson Award, Canadian Federation of University Women, $6,000
  • Provost Doctoral Awards, University of Alberta, $4,400
  • Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship (Doctoral), Province of Alberta, $15,000